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Piano Lessons Studio or Online

Classes are available in Piano/Keyboard from 6 years old.

Guitar or Ukelele Fun. Play for fun, be part of a group, enjoy the journey of learning an instrument. Classes are also available in vocal. Experience the confidence to sing in a supportive and fun environment.  

Simply Music

With the goal of making music a lifelong companion, the aim is for students to master a huge repertoire that includes classical, contemporary, blues, jazz and accompaniments. That students learn to self-generate. That you learn easily and naturally, one skill at a time, as you develop your playing-based repertoire before moving on to learn reading and writing music. Talk to me about this fantastic method which guarantees great results.


Play A Story for 4 to 6 year olds

New Student Piano/Keyboard

Young Beginner Piano/Keyboard

Advanced Piano/Keyboard

Adult Piano

Ukulele Workshop

Jamming Fun

Guitar Fun

Ukelele Fun